Thursday, 5 September 2013

Oliver + S Sewing 21- 40

To continue on with my counting here are the next twenty O+S items I have made:
  1. Swingset skirt in chambray (not fully lined) with pink ric-rac trim- pic here
  2. Swingset top in plain pink (pic to come in summer for these)
  3. Sand-box pants in grey cord with pink trim
  4. Bubble dress in yellow with white spot
  5. Jump-rope dress (view B) in chambray with red top-stitching
  6. Jump-rope dress as top in pink voile
  7. Puppet show shorts in brown drill
  8. Class Picnic blouse in pink voile (see above)
  9. Ice-cream dress for 5 year old niece
  10. Ice-cream dress for 4 year old niece (yes, that's K)
  11. Ice-cream dress for 3 year old niece
  12. Ice-cream dress for 2 year old niece
  13. Ice-cream top in Cape Ann fabric
  14. Music Class blouse with long sleeves in white on white fabric
  15. Hopscotch top as night-gown - here
  16. Nature Walk pants in grey knit
  17. Nature Walk pants in mauve knit
  18. Lazy Days skirt in cream with children and red trim 
  19. Lazy Days skirt in blue cord with babushkas and green trim
  20. Music Box dress in brown - here
  21. and more to come... see future post... :-)

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