Saturday, 27 April 2013

4th Birthday Party

K turned four last week!  There was much excitement and some stress but her little party went well and she (mostly) had a good time.  It can be a bit much with all that anticipation.
The theme was 'fish' and I made her a yummy cake, decorated with jelly beans:
 We had fun with a homemade pinata - it took a lot of breaking!
We also played 'rob the net' - a version of 'rob the nest' with various bean bags to steal from the net of another group.  The children loved fishing for choc fish with the magnetic rods I had borrowed from the local Toy Library - a great resource for parties!

I didn't take photos of the other food we had - fish cakes, blue jelly with lolly fish, cupcakes decorated with rod and fish, lemonade (with a smidgen of blue food colouring), fish shaped biscuits in two styles.
Lots of fun!
Will post about the presents soon!

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