Tuesday, 1 April 2014


As with my previous post I'm working my way through the Oliver + S 'Little Things To Sew' book with some gusto at present.  So much so that I have made two bias trimmed aprons!
Only one is shown here - as the other is tucked away for K's upcoming birthday - and she has no idea!  This one is a farewell gift for Playcentre.  I made the smallest size and although it is a bit small on K it fits fine.

Medical set from our local Toy Library
I found some cheap blue poly/cotton blend from Harald's in Christchurch and used some to make my first puppet theatre.  Then I had my great idea - the fabric would be perfect for a nurse's uniform!  Originally I was going to adapt the 'Sleepover Pyjamas' by Oliver + S, but the bias-trimmed apron from LTTS seemed so much easier.  The only adaption to the pattern was the 'v' neckline - a very simple change.

I made my own bias binding and 1/2 metre of fabric made enough for two aprons, comfortably.  I placed the side pockets too high but they should be fine for some of the wee people at Playcentre (ages 0 to 5).  I used velcro at the back.

The word 'NURSE' was done by writing the words in erasable maker then zig-zagged over with a 2mm wide and very short length stitch.  I did interface the fabric behind the words to give it more strength.  It really finishes off the outfit!

Another finished item for the 'Bartacks and Singletracks' 'Little Things to Sew - Cover to Cover Challenge'.  Number six!
Bartacks and Singletrack : want to go all the way with me?
And number 81 in my O+S count...  I love these patterns!


  1. Wonderful! With that look on K's face, I'm worried about what she has discovered in the whale...

    1. Thanks! She loves that doctor's set and is always looking for new patients. The whale is a pencil case - so I'm a bit worried too! :-)

  2. I would have loved that as a child. I remember making nurses hats (remember those) out of paper with a red cross on the front to wear. One of Dad's shirts was the Dr's coat.

  3. You are so creative! What a great way to encourage her imagination! She is lucky to have a mother who sews! I would love to learn!!

    1. Erin - I REALLY recommend the Oliver + S patterns - they teach you as you sew. The Little Things to Sew book would be a great start, as well as the blog. Imagination is great - our Playcentre is really into that kind of play so she's had an awesome time there! It's also parent run so great for mums/dads too. Thanks for your lovely comment. :-)


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