Friday, 4 April 2014

Little Houses

My daughter K has a great preschool and although she's only been there a year she will miss it when she goes off to school soon.  So just as we did for her Playcentre, we've made a gift for them...

Yes - the little houses from my favourite book (as mentioned in the last few posts, repeatedly!)  Oliver + S Little Things to Sew - in case you forgot!

Mine do look quite different as I chose bright colours - but I still like how they look - well except for the over-large door on the house above!
I got extra creative for the blue 'shed' as the tractor was the only wheeled item I could find in my fabric stash.  A shed should work well for farm kids anyway.
Preschool has a large mat with roads and house on it, so these will add a extra dimension to the children's play.  I hope they can use them!

And more houses from a while back I haven't shared yet...

Back at Christmas time Santa made some houses for K using the 'Storybook Lane' panels by Kelly Le Creel.  Now Santa did two silly things - he forgot to purchase the pattern to go with them, and then he forgot about Liesl's awesome houses in LTTS.

Santa made these using Kelly's basic pattern (here) but adapted some to open up.  They look good, but could have been so much better!  It took Santa a while to work out how to do the finger puppets - but he made them work very well - they can both stand on their own and be used as a puppet, having an internal 'hole'.  A LOT of work for Santa.

There are many more puppets but I couldn't find them to photograph today - off on their own adventure!  I also have another background piece that can be used with the puppets.

The foam houses are number 7 in my 'Cover to cover' challenge from Bartacks and Singletracks and number 82 in my O+S count!
Bartacks and Singletrack : want to go all the way with me? 
Who would like to come and play at our house?


  1. Santa sure has talent. Love the new houses and that's very, very kind of you to make them for the kindergarten

  2. What a nice idea as a leaving gift for preschool. I used to give them lots of different craft supplies for the collage table or books.

  3. These are amazing!! The school is lucky to get them!


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