Thursday, 9 May 2013

Winter Wool

It's suddenly got colder and we now have the fire going regularly.  It's also time to get knitting fast.  I am currently working on Georgie Hallam's 'Annabel' for K in The Wool Company's 'Watermelon'.  It's certainly very colourful and I'm having to work from three different balls to avoid colour pooling.  It's got a couple of new techniques in it - so am enjoying the challenge.
Just thought I'd put in a note about this book - it's fantastic.  'Cast On: Bind Off' by Leslie Ann Bestor.
A little book so sits nicely in the knitting basket, but really useful.  Every time I use a new pattern with a different cast on or off technique then this becomes my bible.  Excuse the poor photo.
Now as the weather gets colder we've got out the winter wear.  Here's K in her farm gear.  The coat is an Oliver + S pattern (School Days Jacket) made from an old swanndri that belonged to K's great uncle.  For those of you that are not from NZ - a Swanndri ('swanny') is a pure wool coat/over shirt worn by bush men/farmers to protect them from the cold.  They're a national symbol!
This coat was made last winter and a bit of a hodge-podge - but is super warm - and quick.  I even re-used the existing hood by just trimming the front edge back.  Note:  the pink hat is NOT meant to be worn over-the-top!

I have also finished this vest.  It is 'Boheme' by Allegra Wermuth.  I haven't blocked it properly though.

Here are a few pairs of socks I have finished for K.  Most made by using up scraps.
More information about my knitting on Ravelry

I love wool!  There's nothing better.

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