Friday, 2 May 2014

Gifts for my girl

A lot of my crafting involves making gifts for other people - I like how it shows the thought and care put into the act of giving.  I always try to involve my daughter K in the process as well, especially if the gift is for a friend or relative she knows well.  When it comes to gifts for her I tend to stock up on ideas, then sew/create madly for a few weeks ahead.

This year, with K turning five, I was well organised.  I made her a school backpack in early March.  I also made her a nurse's uniform to match the one we gave to Playcentre.  To go with this I sourced a nurse's watch and a real stethoscope.  She's had great fun with both.

I kept up the Oliver + S 'Little Things to Sew' theme by making K a tutu.

I used a variety of pink tulles.  Some I got at Spotlight and were about 140cm wide.  Others I have had in the stash and were narrower.  With some overlapping and creative placement the result is impressive.

K loves it - so much so the other day she kept it on when digging in the sandpit!  This tutu is number 10 in  the 'Cover to cover' challenge from 'Bartacks and Singletracks' and number 85 in my O+S count.

I love to encourage K's creativity through play.  We also try to support her artistic skills and to help this I made her an art folder.

It was (very) loosely based on the Noodlehead pattern 'Road Trip Case' but I didn't get far past quilting the outside cover.  I love Anna's patterns but I had quite a few adaptations in mind!

K is a left-hander so I placed the drawing pad on the left side.  The clear vinyl pouch (my own design - partially successful) is attached by two pieces of binding.  This allows the side with the pens to hang from a small table and still be accessed through the gap in the centre.  We will use the vinyl pouch for holding scissors, stickers and other small pieces.

I need to add two small hand-sewn snaps at the top and bottom of the folder so that the pad is less likely to slip out.  I also should have made the fabric over the pen pockets bigger.  It pulls that side in.  But K loves her folder and has been having great fun drawing her interpretation of our life!

What a very lucky girl our K has been!

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  1. What a wonderful art folder--that is the perfect gift!!


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