Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Cheer

K and I have been busy making Christmas decorations and gifts for our house and others.  Here are some small felt gingerbread men and Christmas themed houses from 'Scandinavian Stitches' that we gave to our friends at Playcentre.
And this is what they looked like all boxed up, ready to go!

We also decided to make a cool hanging for our own place.  Using four colours of Christmas fabric, and the words typed in 'Gill Sans Ultra Bold' at 280 size and printed off.  I cut out each letter and pinned them to a doubled piece of fabric (wrong sides facing) and then sewed around it, leaving a small gap to stuff.  This was hard on my needle, but gave very good letter shape. though I did have to adapt the "I" as I wanted it to have a top and bottom.
I removed the paper, then trimmed with pinking shears, stuffed lightly, then sewed up the hole.  I hung these using baker's twine stitched along the backing.
I have also been to patchwork class recently and our lovely tutor gave us one of these each, tatted by a friend of her's.  Gorgeous!!

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